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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question you do not see answered here, please send a message from the Home page.

Q. What day(s) will my clothes be picked up and dropped back off?
A. Our delivery team has different schedules depending on your area. Please contact us for your specific pick up and delivery days. 954-610-9383
Q. What payment methods are accepted by A&T Dry Cleaners?
A. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
Q. How do I gather my clothes to have them picked up?
A. A&T Dry Cleaners will provide you with your very own bag to transport your laundry. Take a look to the left sidebar and you will see an image of the actual bag you will receive from us.
Q. If I have a rush job, are you able to get it done? And how quickly can this be completed?
A. We can do rush jobs depending on what is needed for the garment. Since quality matters most to us, we will need to get the details about your job and then we can provide you with a more specific timeframe.
Q. Do you fix shoes?
A. Yes we do! Please visit our "Services" page for details and pricing.
Q. If I need to have some of my clothes altered, can this be done?
A. Our team can take your measurements right at your location. We will then perform the alterations and delivery the garment back to you.
Q. If I have a stain in one of my favorite shirts, will this come out? Should I do anything to pre-treat the stain before I have it cleaned?
A. We use the most advanced chemical treatments in the industry at A&T Dry Cleaners. Depending on the stain, we can typically get anything cleaned up for you. We would not recommend pre-treating, as this may result in further damage to your clothing. Just give us a call, and we will take care of the rest.
Q. How many years experience does A&T Dry Cleaners have in the dry cleaning industry?
A. Our family has been in the Dry Cleaning industry for over 20 years, providing excellent service and satisfied customers!
Q. If any of my clothes get lost or ruined, what will happen?
A. We stand behind our work at A&T Dry Cleaners. Our staff will handle your clothing with the utmost care and professionalism, guaranteeing that you will be satisfied time and time again.
Q. If I have delicate clothing that needs to be cleaned, like silk or sequins, how will I know that the clothing will not be ruined or destroyed?
A. We use specialty bags within our shop to separate and ensure your delicate garments will be handled the utmost care.
Q. What are the benefits of having my garments dry cleaned?
A. Dry cleaning removes any dirt, oil and debris form the garment, including body oils, food oils and wax. With a pre-treatment, dry cleaning can also remove tougher stains such as coffee and perspiration. Once your garments have been cleaned, they are finished. This process makes the garment look as good as new and corrects any mishaps such as missing buttons or crooked pleats.
Q. How do I know which of my garments to dry clean?
A. Just about any quality fabric should be dry-cleaned. Satin, silk, chiffon, tulle, wool, acetate, linen, organza, 4-ply polyester and any fabrics lined in leather or suede should all be dry cleaned. Also, any clothing with embellishments such as fancy beadwork, rhinestones or sequins should be professionally cleaned. You may also check the labels of your clothing for proper care.
Q. What exactly happens to my clothes when they are dry-cleaned?
A. Your garments are closely inspected prior to cleaning. Pockets are emptied, buttons are protected, and zippers are checked. Stains are pre-treated prior to being treated with the dry cleaning solution, steam and vacuumed.
After cleaning, your garments are finished and pressed. The final touches include replacing missing buttons, small repairs and packaging.
Q. How soon should I dry-clean my garments after wearing?
A. Hard to remove stains such as food, drink and perspiration typically set in within 48 hours. It is best to bring your garments in for a cleaning as soon as possible to avoid yellowing, discoloration and weakening of the fabric.
Q. I'm ready to store my out-of-season garments. Do I need to clean them prior to storing?
A. It is extremely important to have your garments cleaned prior to placing them in storage. Even if clothing appears to be clean, invisible stains and debris such as perfume, body oil, food stains, etc. can discolor and ruin fabric.
Q. I've got a beautiful vintage wedding gown - but it has yellowed. Can it be restored?
A. Your vintage wedding gown can be transformed into a gleaming shade of white, provided that the material is not too dry and brittle to endure the necessary treatments.
Q. Does having my clothes dry-cleaned regularly mean that they will not last as long?
A. Quite the opposite. Regular dry cleaning prolongs the life of your clothing by removing stains and dirt that would have otherwise become embedded in your clothing and eroded the fabric.
Q. I brought my clothes in for cleaning and they now have spots that were not there before. What happened?

A. Among a dry cleaner's worst enemies are "invisible stains" like spray from a grapefruit or apple, hair spray or perfume. It is normally these types of stains that consumers see on freshly cleaned garments, making them protest, "That wasn't there when I gave it to you!"

"Invisible" stains such as fruit juice, hairspray or cologne can reveal themselves when exposed to heat during processing. These stains can not be removed by dry cleaning alone, a specialized treatment is necessary. If you are aware of such a stain on one of your garments, please inform your technician so they may remove the potential discoloration before the stain sets.